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Cyberpunk - Future warrior girls created from own photos by Vaclav Vlasek

Vaclav Vlasek is an innovative artist who has created an unprecedented project combining cyberpunk AI and real studio photo content. By working with Bravo Models Media, a leading provider of professional content for models, Vaclav has combined these two mediums to create a new and unique project. The project centres around the character of Kate Jones, a female glamour model, in a cybernetic world where she is a star, living her secret identity as a model and having fans tune in to see her photo shoots. With unconventional night-life scenes and immersive, dazzling visuals, Vaclav has crafted an incredible world for Kate to explore. Featuring over 50 high-definition images, each spaced out with unique lighting and effects, the project is both visually breathtaking and conceptually awe-inspiring. Boasting detailed costumes, intricate design and eye-catching concepts, this project is truly a work of art. Vaclav has himself commented on the seamless integration of photo content with the diverse and captivating universe he has created, and it is no wonder that the project has been met with critical praise. It is clear that Vaclav Vlasek's project with Bravo Models Media is an example of what can be accomplished when creativity and imagination come together.

cyberpunk ai photo series creted from own photomodels characters

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Saturday, 20 July 2024